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Take Control Of Your Chef Business

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Get The Clarity On Goal Setting And Streamlining Your Business To Save You Time You Need Right Now

Considering Startup Costs And Hourly Income

Private Chef Businesses Are Some Of The Most Profitable In The Food Industry.  

Private Chefs Average $50-$100 Per Hour With Some Making Up To $100,000-$150,000 Per Year

 The Expenses Are Ingredients And Transportation, Without Expensive Kitchen Equipment, Private Chefs Have Great Earning Potential. 

If You Want To Start Making Money, You Need A Profitable Framework

Secrets of A Private Chef

Professional Business Course Will Help You:

  • Uncover The Biggest Opportunities For Growth

  • Determine Your Biggest Obstacles And How To Overcome Them

  • Create Your Personalized Action Plan To Scale

  • ​Strategize Next Steps To Increase Your Income

  • Remove Mindset Blocks Getting In Your Way

  • Know Exactly What To Prioritize Now To Make More, Working Less

Gain New Competence In Skills

YOU Want To Take The Next Steps

It’s About Living The Delicious Life You Want To Give To Your Family And Experience Yourself.

  • Develop Your Food Service Niche 

  • Promote Your Business With Proactive Marketing 

  • Business Setup, Online Platforms, Insurance, Permits, Etc

  • Costing, Pricing And Writing Menus 

  • Effectively Communicate With Your Clients

  • Develop A Positive Mindset 

Create A Successful Business

The Most Valuable Gift Is Investing In Yourself To Create A Successful, Lucrative Business. Together We Create Total Clarity About The Problems You Are Facing, Offering Solutions To Solve Those Situations.

  • You Will Have The Skills And Expertise To Run Your Own Business

  • Your Business Will Be Fully Set Up Legally With Insurance

  • You Will Understand Your Ideal Client

  • You Will Have Service Packages Tailored Specifically To Your Clients

  • You Will Be Confident In Communicating From Start To Finish

  • You Will Know How To Deal With High-Profile A-List Clients

  • You Will Have The Skills To Create Stunning Menus With A Variety Of Offerings, Price Points And Costs

  • You Will Have Proven Strategies For Consistently Booking New Clients

  • You WILL Be Living Your Passion, Making Great Income, And Loving What You Do, With The Freedom And Flexibility Of Being Your Own Boss

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