Seasoned Sips Cocktail Salts

The Simple Ingredient That Can Transform Your Cocktail

Fennel * Citrus * Lavender-Mint * Chile
sea salt, organic sugar, and essential oils

Rim the glass or make into a simple syrup
Fennel Salt in Gazpacho or a Bloody Mary

Citrus Salt in Lemon Drop or Tom Collins

Lavender-Mint in Mojito, Bee’s Knees or Lavender Aperitif

Chile in Spicy Mango Margarita or Michelada


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Accent Your Cocktail
Hand Crafted Cocktail Salts
Fennel | Citrus | Lavender-Mint | Chile
Sea salt, organic sugar, and essential oils
For the rim or blend in your cocktail
3-ounce glass bottle

Weight 8 oz

Fennel, Citrus, Lavender-Mint, Chile