Chef Robin “I love entertaining,” says Chef Robin. “As a cook, my work and life can never be separated.”

A California chef whose memorable meals range from lively brunches
and casual cocktail parties to intimate private dinners and celebratory events, Robin Goldstein provides home-cooked experiences with unique flavors and contemporary style.

Her early exposure to fine dining at her grandparents’ restaurant along with her food-loving family sparked her lifelong passion for cooking.
A Washington, D.C. native, she grew up dining at the city’s most prominent restaurants and went on to study classic techniques at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America in New York. Chef Robin moved to California in 1984 and pursued a career as a professional chef while owning a full-service catering and event-planning business. Through her travels and later living abroad for a number of years, she has developed and fine-tuned her California-Mediterranean cooking style, with an emphasis on spice and flavor.

The author of three cookbooks celebrating fresh, seasonal California-Mediterranean cuisine, and the creator of her signature line of salts and spice blends, Robin is also in demand as a food stylist, cooking instructor, and commentator for print and visual media.

Robin lives in an oak-shaded neighborhood in the Ojai Valley, surrounded by nature and the scenic beauty of the local mountains
that Ojai is famous for.