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Hello I am Chef Robin




Secrets of a Private Chef - Master Level Coaching Program

Here’s what I need you to understand:

If you’re struggling to start your own business, there’s only ONE reason why...


You don’t have a start-to-finish SYSTEM to launch a lucrative private chef business. Without prior business knowledge, you are unprepared.

This is Not a Band-Aid. Not a quick fix.

⚙️ A SYSTEM that can allow you to go from cook to successful entrepreneur once and for all in as little as the next 6 weeks.

⚙️ A SYSTEM that can bring joy, creativity, and passion back to your career for good, without taking a huge financial risk, without having to get more training, and even if you don't know where to start.

This system exists... And it’s so powerful it’s coached dozens of similar chefs who break free from the confines of unfulfilling jobs or the struggle of how to start to create your own business.

And I’m going to hand you that system on a silver platter for FREE.

Check it out here

In this short training, you’ll learn how aspiring chefs much like yourself are consistently securing bookings with new clients, creating menus, and making money doing what they love, faster than they ever thought possible.

You’ll also discover...

The real reason why winging it is the worst way to build a business and what you can do TODAY to get new clients in as little as 30 days

✅ A new approach to entrepreneurship, that doesn’t rely on business degrees or prior experience

✅ How to eliminate the fear of taking a risk on yourself, this is game-changing and different from anything you’ve seen

✅ Exactly what to do even if you don't have startup capital and even if you don't know where to find clients


✅ How to do ALL of this without going back to school, without having to quit your job, and while finally doing what you love at the same time.

I pull back the curtain to reveal everything you need to start your own business and start using this TODAY.

Get instant access here

You don’t need another culinary degree or more restaurant experience.

You need a SYSTEM and a business coach.

With it, everything works . . .  Without it, nothing works.

This system offers a seamless and comprehensive solution.

As a reputable culinary professional, private chef, and cookbook author, my coaching program can guide you in your private chef career and help you achieve your goals. When considering any coaching program, it's important to evaluate the value you expect to gain from any program, the expertise of the coach, and the support and resources provided. By helping chefs thrive and build successful private chef businesses, I provide valuable guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs in the culinary industry.


My passion for seeing chefs succeed and my years of experience can make a significant impact on my clients' lives. My belief in the process, my success, and my track record, combined with years of experience can inspire confidence and trust in my services. Empowering up-and-coming chefs to feel confident and achieve their goals, I am helping them realize their dreams and create a prosperous future for themselves.

As I continue to provide mentorship and coaching, the specific benefits and outcomes you can expect to achieve through this program, I want to ensure that I have a well-defined program structure, clear deliverables, and a system for tracking progress and measuring results. All of this demonstrates the value of my coaching services and provides a framework for achieving the desired transformations.

The most valuable gift is investing in yourself to create a successful and lucrative business. Together we create total clarity about the problems you are facing, offering solutions to solve those situations. 

Click the link for a 10-minute video and book your call with me now

Testimonial :


"After completing Chef Robin’s private chef coaching course, I am left with a renewed sense of self confidence in my abilities, my worth, as well as a shift in my mindset in regards to thinking “bigger” for what is possible for my career. From understanding how to charge clients, and how to keep organized, to having a stronger grasp on how to be more professional in general, I now have an arsenal of invaluable tools, resources, and information that will continue to help me craft the business and life I desire. 


Chef Robin’s years of experience, wealth of knowledge, her consistent check in’s to provide accountability in a genuinely caring way, mixed with her ability to create a safe, supportive and inspiring space to ask any and all questions, both general and specific to me, I would highly recommend taking her course."

- Chef K

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Coaching Mentorship Program

     Just 5 minutes from now, you could be on your way to launching a thriving private chef business,

with the freedom and flexibility to create menus, be your own boss, and get paid incredibly well doing what you love!

And, you can do this even if you have zero business experience right now, without going back to school.

When everything is said and done...

  • You will have the skills and expertise to run your own business.

  • Your business will be fully set up legally with branding and insurance.

  • You will understand your ideal client and have service packages tailored specifically to them.

  • You will be confident in communicating with clients from start to finish; how to deal with high-profile A-list clients

  • You will have the skills to create stunning menus with a variety of offerings and price points and costing.

  • You'll have proven strategies for consistently booking new clients and events.

  • AND. . . You'll be living your passion, making a great income, and loving what you do, with the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss.

Coaching is a two-way street. My job is to provide a clear outcome, a step-by-step path to that outcome and all the support you need to achieve it. For this program, you've got to show up and do the work. Show up committed, do everything I tell you to do, follow this game plan, and ask for help when you need it, then you will get the outcome you desire!

Listen to this 10-minute video through this link > and book your call with me now

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